Straight Dope message board forum hacked

The Straight Dope, a famous online Q&A newspaper column published in the Chicago Reader, informs its users that their website is targeted and hacked.

The security breach allowed the attackers to compromise forum users' information which includes usernames, email address and passwords.

The forum asked user to change their Straight Dope password by visiting to the "".  If you have used the same password anywhere else, you are strongly recommended to change the password there also. 

Even though all passwords were stored as Hashes, if your password is not very strong, it won't take much time for a hacker to crack the password using brute force attack.

Ed Zotti, moderator of the forum, said that they are also working with law enforcement officials and conducting investigations.  He also highlighted that their forum doesn't store SSNs or any other financial information.

When i had look at the forum, i just found they are using the Old version of vBulletin(v3.7.3).  I'm not sure whether they have applied proper security patches.  If not, may be that's how hacker get the access.
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