New service will protect Hong Domains(.hk) from DNS Hijacking

We have recently seen several DNS Hijacking attacks. Hackers had defaced several high profile domains including Google, facebook.

Hackers normally attempt to obtain login details for the Domain admin panel through various method including Social Engineering attack.  If he succeeds, he will change the DNS records fort the websites.

By modifying DNS records, hacker can deface the website or redirect to any other malicious websites.

To make an end to such kind of attacks, a new " registry-lock" service has been launched by Hong Kong domain registrar.

"We are putting back the human factor in the verification process," South China Morning Post quoted the Internet Registration Corporation head Jonathan Shea Tat-on as saying.

The new service will require telephone call verification in order to make any changes to the existing DNS records.  Only up to three persons can be authorized to modify the records.  In addition, the server will be unlocked for just 15 minutes each time.  These options are believed to be security measures that will remove the existing loopholes in automation. 
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