#OpWorldCup: Brazil Government websites hacked by DK Brazil Hackteam

An anonymous affiliated hacker group called as "DK Brazil Hackteam & An0nнat" targeting Brazil government and defaced several Brazil Government websites in recent days.

The hack is part of an ongoing operation called "#OpWorldCup" which.  The operation is appeared to be a protest against the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup that is scheduled to take place in Brazil.

The group has defaced two Brazil government websites www.saobento.ma.gov.br and Brazil's Barro Municipality (barro.ce.gov.br/).

The group has defaced plenty of Brazil Government sites at the end of last month.  They hacked the following the websites so far: www.novaluzitania.sp.gov.br/, indaial.sc.gov.br/, igarapedomeio.ma.gov.br/, procon.sp.gov.br.
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