Neiman Marcus confirms security breach, credit card data stolen

Neiman Marcus, an American luxury specialty department store, has acknowledged that customers' credit/debit card data might have been stolen in a security breach, Cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs reported on Friday.

While investigating the fraudulent credit and debit card charges, Krebs found evidence that those stolen cards had been compromised from Neiman Marcus.  So, he contacted the company and received confirmation that they are in fact investigating the data breach.

The company became aware of the breach in mid-December, when they get notification from their credit card processor.

Cyber forensics investigators still investigating to find out the cause, duration and size of the breach.  The company says its online customers were not affected by this data breach.

The company said that they are also working with U.S. Secret Service.  The breach occurred on the same time as the Target breach(Nov to Dec 2013). 
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