Kali pentesting Linux 1.0.6 is here with Self Destruction feature

Offensive security Team, the creator of the famous Penetration testing Distro "Backtrack", has released updated version of Kali Linux.  The team has added an interesting feature to the update.

A self destruction feature has been introduced to the latest version 1.0.6.  The Kali Linux already provides disk encryption to protect the data from being accessed by thief, if it is stolen.

However, the team came with up a new idea to provide more security to the data stored in the distro, a "nuke" option.  By just entering a nuke password, you can make the data on the drive inaccessible.

Before implementing the feature, the team asked the users to vote in a poll whether to add this feature or not.  95% people(3700+) including me voted to add this feature, only 4%(140+) voted against it.

So, finally they have implemented the "nuke" option in the latest version of Kali.  How many of you think this is useful feature for you?!

Besides the nuke feature, there are 'Kali ARM Build script', 'Kali AMAZON AMI and Google Compute image generation scripts' and have added a number of tools and upgraded the existing tools.
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