First Android Bootkit virus found to have infected 350,000 mobile devices

A New Android Trojan which is said to be the first Android Bootkit has been discovered by the Russian security firm Doctor Web.

The malware resides in the memory of the infected devices and launches itself early on in the OS loading stage and makes it hard to remove from the device.

The trojan, identified as Android.Oldboot.1.origin, installs one of its components into the boot partition of the file system.  It also modifies the init script -  a specialized program for initializing elements of the Android system.

When the device is turned on, the script is get executed and installs other malware components as a typical application.

Android virus which can't be removed by your Antivirus:  
This malware is considered as most dangerous of android malware because even if you remove it, once the device is rebooted, the component residing in the protected memory area will re-infect the device.

Researchers believe the threat gets into the device when user reflash their smartphones with the modified firmware containing this Trojan.

The malware has reportedly been infected more than 350,000 mobile devices around.  92% of the infected devices are appeared to be from China.

To prevent yourself from being victim to such kind of threats, make sure that you are not installing firmware from unreliable sources.  Users are also advised not to buy devices from unknown origin.
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