Dropbox website hack is hoax, hackers confirmed

Earlier today, a hacker using twitter handle 1775Sec claimed to have hacked DropBox website using a security vulnerability.  Following the claim, Nytimes and Techcrunch reported a news on that. 

The hacker claimed to have compromised database.  In one of the earlier tweets, hacker said "We are giving you time to fix your websites vulnerability. If it's not fixed expect a Database leak!".

However, Dropbox team denied the claim and said that the Dropbox is down because of an error internal maintenance.

Few minutes ago, the hackers said that it is just DDOS attack and no database have been compromised.  They said it is just for trolling the media and others in the name of Aaron Swartz.  

"Did anyone bother to do some research. lol. We made the Internet Reporters look like fools! That is what we did in your honor Aaron Swartz" Hackers said in the latest tweet.

Security researcher Deepanker Verma told E Hacking News that the hackers are not trolling, they just tried to take the responsibility for the service outage.

" think hey was not trolling media, it tried taking responsibility. When they couldn't they started saying they trolled media." Deepanker said. 

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