Barry University’s Laptop infected with malware, patients info at risk

Patients of Foot and Ankle Institute at Barry University are being notified about a security breach that their personal information and medical records may have been compromised.

The Security breach was detected around May 14, according to the Miami Herald.  The school laptop was infected with a piece of malware.

The university hired a computer forensics company to investigate the incident.  They removed the malware from University's network and restored the affected files to their original state.

After several months, the University determined the some sensitive information of patients may have been compromised in the breach.  They university hasn't released the number of affected patients.

The sensitive information at risk includes the patients' name, Social Security Number, date of birth, bank account number, credit and debit card numbers, Driver license numbers, medical records.

The University offers a complementary 12 month credit monitoring service to those who affected by this security breach. 
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