TeamBerserk hackers Buy gifts for less fortunate with stolen credit cards

Team Berserk, a hacker group announced a new operation called #opBerserkChristmas in which hackers planning to buy gifts for less fortunate with the stolen credit cards of politicians, government officials.
They are planning to send gifts such as toys, blankets, tablets, computers to "many children's shelters, homeless shelters and less fortunate folks addresses.".

The group also claimed to have already shipped a gift to  Children's Shelter 2939 W. Woodlawn at the expense of Texas Judge.

They are planning to upload screenshots of order details with "#opBerserkChristmas" hash tag and said "Once the items have been shipped the sceenshot will be uploaded as proof.".

"If any of the employees at these locations tries to keep any of these items that are meant for the children and less fortunate we will pull your dox and ruin your credit and additional LoLs will be made." Hackers said. 
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