State Bank of Patiala hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hacker

A Pakistani hacker with the online handle " Kai-H4xOrR" from PAKISTAN HAXORS CREW(PHC), has hacked into the State Bank of Patiala(SBP) sub-domain and managed to deface the website.

In the defacement page, hacker stated that the security breach is payback "For Hacking Sui Gas Site".

"And Dont mess with Pakistan else you will lose both your Name and this Game   Backoff Lamers from our cyber space. Everybody Knows whose cyber space is more vulnerable" The defacement message reads.

"You will hack 1, we will hack thousands" hacker sent a warning message to Indian Hackers who deface Pakistani websites.  

The hacker has uploaded his defacement here: "".  The main page and other pages are not affected by this defacement.  At the time of writing, the website still displays the defacement.
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