Harvard University Student made bomb threats to get out of a final exam

Exam is a nightmare for most of students.  It appears a Harvard University student also got this nightmare. He chose a different and stupid way to avoid the final exam, made a bomb threats.

Eldo Kim, 20-year-old was charged for sending a hoax email claiming bombs were in four buildings on the Harvard University’s main campus in Cambridge, according to CBS Boston

On Dec. 16th 2013, University officials, president of the Harvard Crimson, received an anonymous email with a subject "Bombs placed around campus".

"shrapnel bombs placed in:science center, sever hall, emerson hall, thayer hall
2/4. guess correctly. be quick for they will go off soon." The email reads.

University immediately notified the FBI.  After investigation, FBI find out the sender used a Temporary mail service 'Guerrilla Mail' and TOR to hide his identity.

After further investigation, they University determined Kim accessed the TOR using the Harvard's university wireless network.

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