Ex-Minister approaches police after his facebook page gets 10,000 fake likes in a day

Former India Railway Minister and Congress MP Pawan Kumar Basanal has approached police to investigate his facebook likes after a sudden surge of likes in his facebook page, according to Local News reports.
'Likes' in his facebook page increased to 60k from 50k within a day.  He believed it is quite unusual and suspected foul play.  So, he a lodged a complaint with IG,Police, Chandigarh.

MP told local news papers that his page usually receive 10-20 likes every day, but thousands of likes in just one day is unusual.  He also added that someone is doing with malicious intention.

Facebook 'Likes' and Twitter 'Followers' play an important role in the online marketing.  Users evaluate the value of one account based on the number of likes and followers.

When an account has likes in Lakhs , we usually won't investigate how many of them are legitimate.  We will start to believe the account is quite popular instead.  By keeping this in mind, people do buy fake likes or use bots to increase likes.

A few months back, The BJP accused Congress leader and Rajasthan CM Ashok Geholt of buying fake facebook likes.  A few days back, 'likes' in the facebook page of Sanjay Tandon, who heads the BJP's Chandigarh unit, increased by over 9k in one day, most of them reportedly from Istanbaul.
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