DSHS mistakenly sent client's personal info to incorrect address

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) mistakenly mailed letters containing client's personal info to previous or incorrect address.

According to the Seattle Times, the private data of at least 2,600 and possible up to 7,000 clients are at risk. They say a coding error is reason for the breach.

The letters in question contained client's name, address, ID and possibly Social Security numbers, contact info, birth dates, medical information, phone numbers and other information.

The letters were sent in envelopes marked 'Return Service Requested,' requiring the Postal Service to return them to Economic Services Administration (ESA) if the person named no longer lived at that address. It is unknown precisely how many letters were returned.

ESA said it is unknown whether the letters has been accessed or the info used for identity theft. They are notifying all affected clients.
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