Chinese hackers compromised European Ministries' computers before G20 summit

Network Security company FireEye found out Chinese hackers have compromised computers of 5 European foreign Ministries before the last Sep. G20 Summit, reports Reuters.

The cyber attack was achieved by sending spam email containing malicious file entitled "US_military_options_in_Syria". Once the recipient opened the file, it infects the their computer.

The company said they were monitoring the main command and control(C&C) server used by hackers in late August. However, the researchers lost access after the hackers moved to another server before the G20 summit began.

FireEye believes the hackers were preparing the attack to steal data from the compromised computers.

Based on evidences, especially the language used in the hacker's server and computers used for testing the malware, researcher come to conclusion that the attack is from China.
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