China Coal Bank website hacked by Japan hackers

The official website of newly created Chinese coal bank has been hacked and defaced by Japanese based hackers.

"", It is reportedly the first bank in the world with coal as the core focus, founded by JinBen Investment Group co and 15 coal firms.

The website has been defaced since February(29th November) with the defacement message written in Japanese.

"Warning Ben Gold Investment Group! ! ! You engage in the voting trust, offend a lot of people! ! ! You engage in coal bank, offend more people! ! ! ! Mainland stock market you can not play! ! ! We short, you can do much more! ! ! " The defacement message reads(translated).

"You have to let us do more thermal difficult subject, and dared short squeeze, do not blame us rude! ! ! Your uncle, 8.16, you crazy son of a bitch to pull these heavyweights, almost blow us tens of billions of short positions! ! ! Today you also colluded agencies mad pull coal colored, futures and harm our financial group on short loss of hundreds of millions!!! Lord Black of your station has been very kind to you, next time do not speak the arena rules do not blame us! ! ! Last warning! ! ! Go back to coal mines to bring the coal bosses, how far roll far! ! !"

The firm told local news paper that their website attacked by Japanese based IP addresses.  The firm also said they won't approach police and going to action on its own.

It's been more than three days, the site is still defaced.  
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