Banking Trojan 'Qadars' now targets users in Netherlands

A New Banking Trojan called 'Qadars' that has been infecting users across the globe in recent days, is now appeared to be targeting users mainly from Netherlands, according to ESET.

It was first publicly discussed by researchers from LEXSI.  At the time, the malware was said to be targeting users from France, India and Dutch.

Similar to the notorious Banking malware 'Zeus', the Qadars also uses Man in the Browser technique - Steal info from the browser before it is encrypted and send the modified info to bank websites.

It has also Android mobile components that allows the malware to bypass two-step authentication security feature of online banking and gain access to bank accounts.

This malware has focused mainly on six countries : Netherlands, France, Canada, Australia, India and Italy.  However, the graph provided by researchers shows that malware has more number of infected users in Netherlands.  
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