Bangladesh Padma Oil Company website defaced

 A hacker with online name "z3r0c0000l" has hacked into the one of the Bangladesh Government website "Padma Oil company Limited" and defaced the site(

The hacker didn't mention any specific reason for the attack.  The defacement just reads "owned by  z3r0c0000l".  When an user click in the page, it shows an alert message "You need to really get more security".

This is not the first time the Padma oil site come under a cyber attack.  This website has a long history of being a victim to cyber attacks. 

In 2011, algerian hackers defaced the main page, according to zone-h record(  In 2012, the Pakistan hacker group 'Pak Mad Hunters' defaced the site again (

Last month, Indian hacking group named 'Indian mad hunters' defaced (

It's not sure whether all of the hacker group exploiting the same unfixed vulnerability or the site has multiple vulnerabilities.

At the time of writing, the website is still defaced.  The mirror of the defacement is available here:

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