64 bit version of notorious Zeus Trojan spotted by Kaspersky

As more number of people switch to 64bit version of OS,  Cyber criminals also started to write malware code that compatible with 64 bit.

It is not surprising to see the world's most notorious Banking Trojan Zeus also come up with new variants supporting 64bit.

Security researchers at Kaspersky spotted a 32-bit variant of Zeus malware containing 64bit version.  Researchers say 64-bit variant has already been in the wild around June with compilation date on April 2013.

This new variant has ability to communicate with its command and control(C&C) server via Tor Network.
A number of 64-bit users comparing to 32-bit users is very low.  Then, what is the need of developing 64bit supported variants?!

Researchers believe that it might be marketing technique to attack buyers or the ground work for some future needs.
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