Lashkar-e-Taiba website hacked by Indian Hacker "Godzilla"

An Indian hacker with online handle "Godzilla" who is popularly known for hacking Pakistan government websites has once again come with up an interesting hack.

This time, the hacker has hacked into the official websites of Lashkar-e-Taiba and left them defaced on 26/11.

"Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, its a promise from our side you will not stay in Pakistan for a longer time." The defacement message reads.

"To stupid ISI and Pakistan Army stop supporting such poeple, Sher kabhi chupkar shikar nahi karte, Buzdil kabhi khulkar war nahi karte Its upto you to decide on which side you are.."

"Greetz: To all those people who want peace in the world. Proud to be a Muslim, Proud to be an Indian." end of the defacement message reads.

Hacked site:

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