Larry Clinton addresses at an event held by CSPF and Anna University

Mr. Larry Clinton, President & CEO Internet Security Alliance gave an informative speech at the recent event held by the Cyber Security Privacy Foundation(CSPF) and Anna University.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Ramamurthy, Chairman, Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation and followed by Dr. Chellappan, Dean Anna University.

Speaking on "The Evolving Cyber Threats, and How to Address Them", Larry Clinton said that Chief Financial Officier(CFO) in 95% of companies are not directly involved in information security.

He suggested CFOs to "appoint an enterprise wide cyber risk team and Develop an enterprise wide cyber risk management plan" in order to improve information security of an organization.

Clinton also appreciates CSPF's Tech Core which is headed by J Prasanna for pre-empting cyber threats.

"First of all, let me thank the Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation for all your efforts in putting together the interactive session with Mr. Larry Clinton at Anna University on November 21." In an email sent to CSPF, US Consulate said. "My colleagues and I were very pleased with the level of participation and engagement"

"Mr. Clinton was particularly happy to have had such a well-informed audience and their enthusiastic participation in the discussions."
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