Another Bitcoin related website reportedly hacked

We recently reported that an Australian who is running Bitcoin bank site claimed hackers stole $1m from their site.  It appears another organization related to Bitcoin is claiming that their website is compromised by hackers. website calimed that hackers attacked their website on 11th November and stole Bitcoin wallet.

"Unfortunately, the nightmare became reality." wrote in the main page of the site. "Against an unknown perpetrator was filed. Due to the ongoing investigation, we can not further comment on specific questions about the attack."

Coin Desk pointed out an online post that "purports to show an email sent from a email address", it says hackers are sending fake emails to users purportedly coming from Bitcash.

The recipients are asked to send 2 BTC to a wallet address in order to get back their Bitcoins.

"Due to the anonymous structure of the bitcoin it is impossible to differentiate between a real hack and someone claiming that they got hacked ." When we asked about the recent incidents, Suriya Prakash who has been researching into Bitcoins for quiet sometime said.

"The 'stolen' money can be made to disappear and come back some other way" Always store your BTC's in multiple physical wallets that are encrypted and only opened to make transactions"
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