Advertising SDK delivers Android scareware, victims signed up with a premium-rate ringtone

Bitdefender researchers have uncovered that several legitimate applications containing the InMobi advertising SDK displays fake alert message.  It includes the older version of the legitimate "Brightest Flashlight Free" app available on Google Play.

The apps in question display pop-up informing that the user's device is infected with malware and urge them to purchase a tool to disinfect the malware.

The users who follow the link will be asked to enter the phone number to download the tool.  By doing so, they actually get signed up with a premium rate ringtone and wallpaper service that charges €3.00 per week plus taxes.

According to the researchers, the providers of the ad module ain't aware their service is being abused by cyber criminals to deliver malware. It appears the ad accidentally reached the market.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, you can just "unsubscribe by sending SMS to the number mentioned in the T&C section of the website", "immediately uninstall the apps you downloaded recently".
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