New Ransomware Shadowlock demands to fill out Survey to unlock the Infected system

Ransomware is a malware which is designed to trick the victims into believing their computer is locked for illegal activities and demands money to unlock it.

However, the new ransomware variant spotted by Symantec researchers demands victims to complete survey in order to unlock their system instead of demanding money.

Once the system get infected, it displays a popup box in which victims will be asked to enter an unlock code that you will get, when you complete the survey offered by the malware.

Shadowlock Ransoware popup -  Image Credits : Symantec

You can't close the pop-up box and you will not be allowed to close the trojan with Task Manager, CMD, RegEdit or MSConfig , you will also be denied to access the Restore point facility.

According to Symantec's malware report, the threat is capable of closing popular browsers, disabling the certain system tools and disabling windows firewall.

This new variant has the greatest possibilities for success in making money for the cybercriminals because victims will be ready to do the survey instead of paying money.
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