Hackers tried to Turn off the Lights at 2012 London Olympics Ceremony

The security specialists have disclosed that the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony could have come under cyber-attack.

The threat was that the lights could have been turned off during the ceremony. Though the threat did not take place because of extensive precautions but it would have been a great deal.

The primary response to the threat came from the Olympic Cyber Co-ordination Team (OCCT), based at MI5 headquarters in Thames House , as reported by BBC News.

In the afternoon before the ceremony the officials reported that they were in full confidence that they could deal with the threat if it occurs after their meeting.

"There was a suggestion that there was a credible attack on the electricity infrastructure supporting the Games," Olympic cyber security head Oliver Hoare told BBC.

Hoare was also informed that the if the light went down it could be brought up within 30 seconds but 30 seconds is a long duration when you talk of Olympics.
Though nothing happened actually still the threat remain unclear but it is a great fact to be chewed upon.

Author: Shalini Bhushan 
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