Tunisian cyber army Cyber attack against French websites

The Tunisian cyber army has claimed to have hacked a number of French websites.  The hackers have breached the website belong to ministry of sport and jeunesse(drdjs-basse-normandie.jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr)

They have dumped the database in pastebin(pastebin.com/wSEfbSd9).  The dump contains the vulnerable link, username, email address, hashed password. It includes the admin username and password.

The admin account is using very weak password, it is easy for hacker to crack.  A simple Google search returns the password of admin.

The hacker also hacked french association of science economic website(afse.fr) and leaked the database(pastebin.com/fY68z7Eb). The leak contains username, email address, plain-text format passwords.

Recently, they have hacked into the france chamber of commerce(littoral-normand-picard.cci.fr) , french normal superior school website(archicubes.ens.fr) and leaked the database.

 The hacker claimed that they have hacked France Ministry of Development website and leaked the compromised database (pastebin.com/WVswJ820).  It includes the username, password, email address details.
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