Syrian Electronic Army hacked into Emails of Israel News site Haaretz

The hacker group Syrian Electronic Army hacked into mail system of Israel News Paper Haaretz.

The hackers claimed that they gained access to more than 80 email accounts and passwords of Haaretz employees and leaked the data in their official website.(

According to Haaretz report, the hackers sent a spoofed emails to Haaretz employees and asked them to click a link that leads to an article on website of The Guardian, about talks between the United States and the Syrian opposition.

Once the employee click the link, it redirect the victim to a page requesting them to enter their login credentials that allowed hackers to breach their work email accounts.

Haaretz take down the email server after the security breach. The Haaretz Group responded by saying that all employees' email passwords will be changed.  Readers' data from Haaretz Group websites  are not affected by this breach.

Screenshot that lists the Haaretz employees' email accounts
The employees use very simple passwords.  We have selected the Best password used by the Employees (lol) : "Abc123".

"It's just the beginning ... Next hacks will include Israeli government targets " Hackers said in their post.
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