Several Oil rigs computers infected by malware after employees downloaded Porn

"Human is one of the worst vulnerable system".  The recent report from Houston Chronicle is an example for this quote, several offshore oil rigs computers infected by malwares after employees downloaded porn and Pirated contents.

According to the report, the malware attacks have occurred at several offshore rigs and platforms and knocked some offline.  A facility in the Gulf of Mexico has their systems locked up due to the malware.

Cyber Security professionals said a typical malware infection on energy infrastructure would likely cause no serious problems. But a tailored attack to target a facility through widely distributed malware, could cause extreme damages.

Experts described a worst-case scenario that could lead to catastrophic.  "A malfunctioning rig and safety systems could cause a well blowout, explosion, oil spill and lost human lives."

Experts recommended companies to prevent a malicious infection by updating software and reducing access to control system.
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