Intranet Site BRBRAITT Jabalpur of BSNL hacked by Hitcher

Once again BSNL websites are being targeted by Hackers. The infamous Pakistani hacker Hitcher has defaced one of the Intranet Site of Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Institute of Telecom Training (BRBRAITT), Jabalpur .

BRBRAITT is one of the premier institutes of BSNL, imparting training in various fields like latest technologies in field of telecommunications, computer networking, accounting, management, providing competancy and skills to meet the everchanging needs of esteemed customers.

The hacker defaced the website ( and leaked the compromised data in the defacement page itself. Mirror of the defacement:

The hacker leaked only part of the database which consists of Full Naame, mobile number, email address, course details and other details.
In an email sent to EHN, the hacker provided 6 Spreadsheets :  brbraitt_users,     Business_contacts, Courses, Faculty_Presentations,Training_Contact, projects.

'brbraitt_users.xlsx' file contains the email ids, passwords, name and addresses, ,mobile number. It includes the email id and passwords of Admin.

At the time of writing, the website still shows the defacement page.
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