Hacked Bangladeshi Police site restored by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers

The Bangladeshi hacker group known as "Bangladesh Grey Hat hackers(BGHH) has claimed to have restored two Bangaldeshi Government websites after it got hacked by Pakistani hackers.

BGHH hacked the websites belong to Panchagarh Govt. Girls' High School(pgghs.edu.bd) and Chittagong Range Police(ctgrangepolice.gov.bd). The hacker defaced those websites and left a security tips to administrators to secure their websites.

"This Web site has been hacked by Pakistani hackers. 's Server has root access to the server and access them. Saitai on any web server that allows the hacker to the server by hand and some government websites, including that of the total 341 websites are hosted. All together, the hacker also deleted the web saitakei diphesa or Truly it. In addition to these important seyararda server hosting the website is not secure and is done emerikaya server location." The hacker said int he defacement page(translated).

The hacker claimed that they are using plain-text passwords and recommended them to use encrypted passwords, also suggested to use SSL.

"We request all the site Admin's to secure their site.. We are always there to secure Bangladeshi Cyber Space..." Hacker said in the email sent to EHN.

At the time of writing, the administrator of School websites has taken the site offline but the Police websites still shows the defacement page(ctgrangepolice.gov.bd/psc/)
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