Facebook & Tumblr being abused for spreading "John Cena Dies of Head Injury" spam

Today , one scammer posted a spam message in E Hacking News fan page that reads " John Cena of WWE died in a head injury while training! Watch the original video clip here >>>  [Facebook_Group_Link]"

Clicking the link leads to a group post with title "Exclusive vids".  The post has the following message:

John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena) of World Wrestling Entertainment died in a head injury while perfecting a wrestling stunt with WWE wrestler, Dwayne Johnson or also known as The Rock. Authorities are now investigating. Watch the original video clip from WWE and their effort to save JOHN CENA (for 18 years+) CLICK HERE --------->[Bit_ly_Link]
Clicking the link will lead the victim to a Tumblr page where it displays a GIF image that looks like a buffering video interface. The GIF displays a fake error message " Ahhh your social media player needs to update click here and then click add to update"

Once the victim click the link, it redirects to another page where users are being asked to paste the "Access token" .

Last year, the Hoax-Slayer identified similar spam post that claims the John Cena of WWE died.
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