Sri Lanka Rupavahini TV and One SriLanka sites hacked by Davy jones

One of the Famous Sri Lankan TV Channel Rupavahini's official website ( has been hacked by a hacker named as Davy Jones.

In a pastebin post(, the hacker claimed that he hacked Rupavahini tv channel database server and leaked the database.

The paste contains database details and few credentials stolen from the target server which includes administrator username, email id, and password hash with salt.

The hacker uploaded the dump of the database in mediafire and posted in the same paste. The dump contains the .CSV files that contain the same data posted in the pastebin.

The hacker also claimed to have hacked the website belong to "One SriLanka"( The hacker as extracted all data with 1000 email ids and passwords and posted in a Paste(

According to Intruder statement(, most of the passwords match to email login also. So malicious hacker can use those email addresses for sending mails to anyone.

The paste contains a mediafire download link that contains the dump compromised from the One SriLanka tv website.  One of the .CSV files has the name, email address, username and hashed passwords.

Few days back, he also hacked into Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment website( and leaked the database( The leak contains few login credentials including the admin id and password.

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