Reliance NetConnect ,Top Tv sites first hacked by Hmei7 not by Brazil Hack Team

Report Says that the Reliance Netconnect website( and South Africa Top TV website( have been hacked by Brazil Hack Team.  We have discovered that the sites are orignally hacked by the mass defacer Hmei7.

The Reliance net connect site breached by Indonesian Hacker Hmei7 on Decemebr 27 ,2012 itself.  But the report says Brazilian hackers defaced the site recently.  

Earlier today, we reported that the Hmei7 has defaced more than 5000 websites.  We also mentioned that the Hmei7 is not kind of hacker who hack the main page.  Usually he upload the "x.txt" in the hacked site.

At the time of writing , I am still able to see that "x.txt" file is being hosted on the above hacked sites.

At the same time, the sites host the file uploaded by Brazil Hack Team.

The proof for the Hmei7 defacement.

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