Bangladesh Railway , NIMC & Jiban Bima Corporation sites vulnerable to SQL Injection

The Tunisian Hacker, Human Mind Cracker, has claimed to have discovered SQL Injection vulnerability in Top Bangladesh Government websites.

In an email sent to E Hacking News, hacker mentioned that he found SQLi in three Government sites.

Affected Government sites are the official site of Bangladesh Railway( , National Institute of Mass Communication of Bangladesh( and Jiban Bima Corporation(

Hacker managed to breach the database server belong to National Institute of Mass Communication and leaked the stolen data in Hey paste it (

The database dump contains database table name, name of users, hashed passwords. It contains more than 650+ entries of user data.

The hacker claims that the Bangladesh Gov websites are not secure at all .  As far as i know, not only Bangladesh but also other countries government sites are vulnerable. More than 90% Government websites are vulnerable.
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