Anonymous Argentina hackers attack INDEC website in Argentina

The Anonymous hacker collective from Argentina launched Distributed-denial-of-service(DDOS) attack against the INDEC national statistics website in protests of the recently released official inflation rate numbers.

" # TANGODOWN by # Anonymous They lie to the people but the people keeps his word # OUTSERVICE INDEC FRITANDOLO" The Hackers posted in Twitter.(Translated)

“We have left the INDEC out of service and it will remain like this for a while. Is this a joke? People can eat with $5.50 now, when it used to be $6?”, the tweet reads.

" controlled by # Anonymous Admins Messrs. happens both in super slow with $ 5.50 to buy # OpArgentina" The tweet reads.

"INDEC cont lying now say their site works xD oops.! Control is by # Anonymous # SinLideres We are the voice of the people we are Legion" The recent tweet from hacker reads.

According to hacker tweets, they have launched ddos attack against few other Government websites including Ministry of Economy and Finance of Argentina(, Ministry of Defence(

At the time of writing , the INDEC websites is still down.
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