"Will the World End in 2012?" PowerPoint Presentation leads to malware infection

It seems like cybercriminals believed that the world is not going to end Today(December 21,2012). While everyone buzzing about the end of the world predictions, the cyber criminals started to spread their own Powerpoint presentation regarding the world end.  Unfortunately, the ppt hides a malware.

Sophos Lab has discovered a ppt file titled "Will the world end in 2012?" which contains Visual Basic macro code that drops an executable file called VBA[X].exe

Similar to the Excel Sudoku generator malware, this particular presentation also requires the user to enable macros.

According to researchers, the EXE file extracts another Windows PE file which downloads a picture of an owl, then contacts a command and control server. It is designed to download another payload it will rename as Wmupdate.exe.

You believe world will end in December 21,2012 ?!  Today we are still here..


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