The dangers of default passwords : Routers use default 'password'

A hacker with twitter handle SuperSl1nk has discovered a security flaw in the Router's web admin interface. The famous organization left their router password as default one.  The worst part is that the default password is 'password'

"The dangers of default passwords is a critical vulnerability that unfortunately touches a lot of school, business, government and other ... The developpers are not aware of the danger or repercussion that this may have on the entire system." The hacker said in the leak.

"I can publish a little of my results. Only for Lesson ! :p"

The list of affected network includes (U.S.A), Imagination (U.S.A),
Hotwire Communications (U.S.A), Capital Market Stragies L (U.S.A), University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC U.S.A), U.S. Network (U.S.A), LG DACOM Corporation (Korea).

Other affected networks : Harano Telecom (Korea),SK Broadband Co Ltd (Korea) ,Korea Telecom (Korea) , Infrastructure EM (Denmark) , Bahnhof Internet AB (Sweden), Intelligente Office (Canada), Wightman Telecom (Canada).

"@EHackerNews I've seen much worse, but I did not publish everything, I have access to ISP, Telecom, Gov, Military, Big Company... " In a tweet hacker replied to EHN.

All of the affected network has the same password to sign in to the interface .  Yes it is 'password' .
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