Searching for Keyword “Windows Android Drivers” leads to Malware website

CyberCriminals often use SEO poisoning techniques to lure unsuspecting internauts to their malicious websites.  In one recent example, Cyber Criminals targeted Android users by poisoning Yahoo! search result.

Security Researchers at GFI Labs have found that searching for "Windows Android Drivers" points to a malicious website [bestdrivers(dash)11(dot)ru] .

Visiting the Russian site in question automatically downloads a file called "install.exe"- a Trojan file.

Once the file is being executed, the malware modifies the home page of Internet Explorer to malicious domain.

In case victim visit the same Russian site from their android devices, the are redirected to various malicious websites which contain the "android" keyword in the domain name. These sites direct users to fake Google play sites.

Few months back, I discovered that Google Image search result being poisoned and directs me to an infected website. 
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