India developing own secure OS to strengthen cyber security

The Indian Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is developing India's own secure operating system to strengthen cyber security.

The Director-General of the DRDO, V K Saraswat said that India currently is dependent on many imported OSes based on windows, Linux ,which is likely to be having malware and security holes. That’s why it is essential that India builds its Own operating system.

150 Engineers across the country have already been working on creating an Indian OS for over one year and a half. According to Times of India ,it will be ready in next three years.

Saraswat pointed out that there is no foreign involvement in this project. It is purely build by Indians.

He also advised Defence researchers and scientists to start working together with industry and DRDO and other scientific departments to bring country's own operating system soon.

"we are independent from what is coming from outside world," he stressed.

Great..! But i have to wait for three yeas?!. I want Indian mastermind to create their own Search Engine and more. India has more number of Internet users next to China and US.  China and U.S has their own search engine, then why don't you?!
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