Hacker TibitXimer leaks 3 million Verizon FiOS Customer records

The hacker with the online handle "TibitXimer" has claimed to have compromised millions of Verizon FiOS customer data. He has dumped a database with a few hundred thousand customer records from Verizon's FIOS Department.

The leak includes serial numbers, names, addresses, date they became a customer, password to their account, phone numbers, etc.

The dump has been uploaded in speedyshare as 279MB text file and AnonFiles as 19MB RAR file.

According to Zdnet report, the hack was carried out earlier this year on July 12, which allowed him to gain root access to the server holding the customer data. The hacker attempted to inform Verizon of the exploit, but the company ignored his report and did not comment.

It seems like the Twitter account of the hacker(@TibitXimer) has been suspended.  At the time of writing we are not able to reach him through Twitter. But his recent announcement about the hack is available here:

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