Anonymous #AutumnStatement to the tax avoiding rich and corrupt politicians

The Anonymous hacktivists have hacked into a number of websites and defaced them with "Autumn statement" to the tax avoiding rich and corrupt politicians.

The list of hacked websites includes SABA Consulting( ,Maxwells Spanish Holiday Villas (, EF Medispa (, Arena Wealth(

"While the UK continues to demonise and punish the poor, the sick and the unemployed for the corruption of the financial and political systems, we would like to remind all of the British tax-avoiding Monaco dwellers, the super-rich and politicians that:

We are watching you.

You will be held accountable for your greed.

Expect Us." The defacement page reads.

At the time of writing , most of the sties still displays the defacement message. After few minutes, users are being redirected to The defaced page redirects to HM Revenue and Customs website(

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