Malware steals photos from your computer

It seems like Cyber criminals has interest in your photos stored in your system.  The Trendmicro researchers has discovered a new piece of malware that steals pictures from your hard disk.

When the malware is being executed, it opens a hidden command line and copies all .JPG, .JPEG, and .DMP files from other hard drive to 'C:' drive.

The JPG file format is commonly used for the photos.  '.DMP files' are memory dump files that contain information on why a particular system has stopped unexpectedly.

Malware steals photo

Once it collect all pictures, it uploads the first 20k files to the Remote FTP server.

"Users typically rely on photos for storing information, both personal and work-related, so the risk of information leakage is very high. Collected photos can be used for identity theft, blackmail, or can even be used in future targeted attacks." Researcher said .

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