#ProjectBlackStar : Team GhostShell declares cyber war against Russia , leaked 2.5 million data

The famous hacker group 'Team GhostShell' has declared cyber war against Russia under the operation called '#ProjectGhostShell'.  They have initiated the operation by leaking 2.5 million data.

They have informed us about the hack by mentionting @BreakTheSec from one of the compromised twitter account.
"#ProjectBlackStar- Ghostshell declares war on Russia
http://pastebin.com/yXN7uc6r  @BreakTheSec @arstechnica @wired"

Later,the victim posted the following tweet: 
"Any GhostShell or Project BlackStar tweets are not mine. Account compromised. "

The leaked data are compromised from government, academic, energy, law enforcement, large corporations, telecom, research institutes and more websites.

"For far too long Russia has been a state of tyranny and regret. The average citizen is forced to live an isolated life from the rest of the world imposed by it's politicians and leaders. A way of thinking outdated for well over 100 years now. The still present communism feeling has fused with todays capitalism and bred together a level of corruption and lack of decency of which we've never seen before. " Hacker said.

"GhostShell is declaring war on Russia's cyberspace, in "Project BlackStar". The project is aimed at the Russian Government."

 Some experts has confirmed that the leaked data is valid one.  In fact, Team Ghostshell never publish fake data.  Hackers claimed to get access to more russian files than the FSB.
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