Beware spam emails seeking donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy disaster

sandy scams

While lot of people suffers severe damage from Superstorm Sandy, there are some groups that ready to take advantage of this natural disaster to push their crap.

Symantec has observed a spam mails related to the hurricane flowing into their Probe Networks.

The spam mails with the subject 'Help Sandy Victims and get $1000 for Best Buy!' , 'Sandy Strikes... [WARNING]' and ' Deposit Processing Open Today (Frankenstorm doesn't stop us)' targets the disaster.

Taking advantage of the natural disasters is not new for spammers.  In the past, they've taken advantage of Haiti earthquake, Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Symantec researchers anticipates the following types of scams in the next few days : fake news, donation requests, 419 scams ,phishing and malicious video link attacks .

We anticipate there will be Facebook video scam attack, twitter mentioning scams.

Symantec said internet users should reach out to storm victims through legitimate and secure channels, rather than donating money or buying products through wire transfer services or other untraceable methods of payment.
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