Ur0b0r0x hacks LG Smart world and leaks 12k accounts

A Hacker with the Twitter handle '@Ur0b0r0x' has claimed to breached the official website of LG Smart World (lgsmartworld.com).  To demonstrate the fact that the server got breached , he has leaked dumped the database in pastebin.

Smart World is LG’s official app store, providing apps for smart TVs, smartphones, and home appliances.

The leak was announced via twitter that contains around 12,000 user account details.  It consists of email address and hashed passwords.


In the pastebin, he has published only few account details. The remaining account details are uploaded in hotfile and hidemyass page.

Few days back, the same hacker hacked the 32 Colombian government sites and leaked user id, hashed password and email address.
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