Probation Service of Albania site breached by n3m1s

hacker n3m1s

The hacker n3m1s,  once again hacked into one of the Albania Government website.  Today he claimed to have breached the website belong to Probation Service of Albania(

To demonstrated the fact that he breached the server , he has released some stolen from the server, it has been dumped in the pastebin.

The dump contains configuration details that includes database server , database name, database username and password information.  Also it contains the admin username and password with the link to the admin panel.

From the paste, we are realized that the site is vulnerable to SQL Injection security flaw.  He also has provided the vulnerable link.

*Update* Hacker has defaced the site by exploiting the vulnerability

Yesterday, he hacked into the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Enegry, Respublic of Albania and leaked sensitive information.
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