Pyknic hacks Pizza Hut Australia and steals 240,000 Australian credit cards

Once again the hacker Pyknic has defaced one of the high profile website. Today , Pyknic and 0day have hacked the Pizza Hut Australia( and defaced it.

"Dear Pizza Hut,It has come to our attention that we have absolutely ripped apart your internal security systems."

According to their message, the hackers took more than 240,000 Australian credit cards and details of 60,000 Australian members.

Defaced page

In the defacement page, the hackers has posted the link to at the top of the page.  It seems like they have like the Dominos pizza rather than Pizzahut.

The mirror of the defacement can be found here:

E Hacking News recommends user who ordered pizza in Australia Pizza hut to monitor their credit card reports for any suspicious activity. If you have used the same password anywhere else, then make sure you have changed the password their. 

Few days back, Turkish Ajan Hacker Group compromised the Dominos India and leaked 37,000 user data.
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