#Op5Nov : Argentina Government Bank hacked and defaced by #Anonymous

#Op5Nov: Anonymous hackers has attacked one of the Argentina Government Bank website (cajapopular.gov.ar) and defaced it, as part of the November 5 protest.

The site has been defaced with "This govt bank was owned by Anonymous Antisec" title and posted a video "lulzxmas video"

They have also leaked data in five separate private pastes (http://anongroup.org/PP-11.5.12/).  It seems like it contains email address, hashed password, phone numbers, name. It is unclear the data belong to which website.

In one of the pastes, the database mentioned as ' klarpsp1' and table name as 'mc_customers'.

"The following database dumps are brought to you by Anonymous as part of our November 5th protest against the banking blockade and consumerism in general" Hackers said in the paste.

In a pastebin post, hackers mentioned the list of targets for the DDoS attack which includes www.trapwire.com, www.parliament.uk and www.dhs.gov

*Update: The sites has been restored by Admin and displays the default Parallels Plesk Panel page.
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