Once again National Assembly of Nigeria site hacked and defaced by Anonymous

The defaced Nigeria assembly page

The LEGATUS PILIPINAS, an anonymous hacker group, has hacked into the official website of National Assembly of Nigeria and defaced the site.

The main site is not affected but they've defaced this page 'http://www.nass.gov.ng/nass/portfolio/index.php?id=sen.david.mark' with their message. 

"We have compromised your system so as to catch your attention on a particular matter. We, the legatus pilipinas, are deeply saddened by your goals of suppressing the freedom of expression of the people of nigeria through the social media. Firstly, you should ask yourself, who made the choice of putting you in the position as the senate president? You can't deny it mr. Senator, without the people's choice, you are nothing and you owe them everything up to this point" The defacement message reads.

"Now why have you made such a thought of censoring the social media? Remember, the people as always, must have the right to criticise their government no matter what and if you try to steal their rights from them, you are already making yourself an oppressor of humanity."

This is not the first time the site is being targeted by hackers.  End of the last month, we have reported that site was breached by hacker with twitter handle 'LolSec'.  At that time, he dumped the compromised data but didn't deface the site.

*Update* After reviewing the hackers Legatus Pilipinas facebook page, we come to know that they have hacked into the National assembly of Nigeria site on October 27 itself.  It seems like the admin is not aware about the hack.
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