Guadeloupe Domain provider hacked and Google, yahoo passwords leaked database leaked domain provider database leaked

A hacker called as Ur0b0r0x has made a claim that he gained access to One of the top Domain provider in Guadeloupe. Network Information Center( is the provider of .gp,,, domains .

"Network Information Center Guadeloupe #Hacked #dataleaks  @EHackerNews" The tweet sent to E hacking News reads.
In the paste, he has published few sample data and download link to a 168kb text file that contains the rest of the data.

The leak consists of 1271 account details that contain username, email address and phone number as well as surname. The dump also contains 1238 passwords in encrypted form.

After analyzing the list of data provided, we found that there is data belong to lot of high profile sites including Google, Yahoo and more sites, as they have registered the domain with

The list of high profile sites that has registered domain in this site :,,, Their data can be found in the leak.

We notified the regarding the hack and waiting for their response.
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