Kaspersky Anti-hacker Support page hacked - it just Broken CSS

The defaced page

*Update* Sorry, I was wrong. We come to know that it is just simple Broken CSS . Refer the comments section.

An unknown hacker has hacked into the official website of the Kaspersky Support page and defaced it.In the defacement page, there is animated image of nyan cat.

The defaced page is "Anti-Hacker" support page "https://support.kaspersky.com/wks6mp3/antihacker".

There is interesting part here.  If you visit the provided link without 's'(without secure connection, you won't find the defacement page but with the 's'.  I am still wondering how this possible.  You have any ideas?

We come to know about the hack when one of the Anonymous hacker VizFoSho posted the following tweet " #WILD #DEFACE https://support.kaspersky.com/wks6mp3/antihacker … #Kaspersky "

At the time of writing , we are still able to see the defacement page. It seems like Kaspersky is not aware of the defacement.

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